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Dr. Hershcovitch understands how much technical ability, responsibility, and trust goes into changing someone’s appearance. Facial plastic surgery tends to be one of the most sophisticated and delicate plastic surgery procedures available, and patients should settle for nothing less than a specialized facial plastic surgery practice led by an esteemed and experienced surgeon. More importantly, patients should seek a surgeon like Dr. Hershcovitch, a compassionate physician who listens intently to each of the patient’s concerns and is passionate about helping them achieve confidence and pride in their appearance. His practice is renowned in the Burbank area not just because of his breathtaking results, but the outstanding patient experience he provides.


Dr. Hershcovitch is passionate about matching someone’s outer beauty to their inner beauty. He treats every patient with compassion and understanding, and using his immense experience with facial plastic surgery, he takes the time to guide each patient through every aspect of the procedure so that they can make informed decisions.

Dr. Hershcovitch is very mindful of the amount of trust each patient gives him; from his sleek, modern medical offices to a professional, compassionate staff, Dr. Hershcovitch built his practice so that patients feel supported and peace of mind throughout the whole process. Every aspect of the patient’s transformation, from the consultation, the plastic surgery, to the recovery, will be personalized just for them. Learn more about rhinoplastyeyelid surgery or facelift.

“Dr. Hershcovitch is an amazing doctor! My daughter very recently had surgery for a deviated septum, as well as some minor cosmetic repairs to her nose at the same time. She was beautiful before, she is even more beautiful now. Her nose looks natural, she has had very little bruising and swelling and her singing is beautiful and clear! We are just so pleased with the results, and would highly recommend him to anyone! He is the best.” – Jim A.

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