Facial Reconstruction

Facial Reconstruction in California - Transforming Faces, Restoring Lives

Certain sicknesses, trauma, or surgery can all leave lasting marks on the face. Even if the initial issue was addressed, the side effects can last a lifetime.

Regardless of what caused them, facial deformities can cause an inordinate amount of damage to a person’s image, self-esteem, and sense of character. It’s why facial reconstruction requires the skill of a facial plastic surgery specialist, someone with the training and mastery of facial aesthetics to create stunning, natural results without compromising function.

As a board-certified otolaryngologist and a fellowship-trained board-certified facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Hershcovitch has the training and expertise to repair facial deformities caused by skin cancer, trauma, or surgery.

Patients should never have to choose between their appearance and a life-saving treatment, which is why Dr. Hershcovitch is passionate about safe and effective reconstructive surgery. He strives to restore the patient to normal or near normal anatomy, but he understands that there’s nothing more important in facial reconstruction than restoring function. As someone who truly understands the complexities of facial anatomy, Dr. Hershcovitch believes that restoring functionality and aesthetics come hand-in-hand.

Double Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon

Skin Cancer Excision

Treating skin cancer early is immensely crucial, but the life-saving treatments can sometimes result in unsightly excisions on the face. Surviving cancer is frightening enough, but some patients then have to endure lasting deformities around their eyes, lips, and nose. With facial reconstruction, Dr. Hershcovitch can create natural-looking results that look as close to your original facial anatomy as possible after skin cancer treatment.

Dr. Hershcovitch repairs facial deformities from skin cancer after Mohs Surgery, a technique that dermatologists use to remove the skin cancer layer by layer while also evaluating the tissue with a microscope at the same time. Although dermatologists are often excellent at removing skin cancer, they are neither surgeons nor facial plastic surgeons. Dr. Hershcovitch works with several Mohs trained dermatologists to expertly reconstruct the defects left after Mohs skin cancer resection. As a specialist in facial reconstruction, Dr. Hershcovitch can choose from a number of advanced, medically-proven techniques to achieve the desired effect.

One technique uses a pedicle flap, which is when skin is taken from a nearby area and folded it over the excised area while a short segment remains attached. Another facial reconstruction technique is grafting, where a patch of skin is taken from another, hidden area in the body and placed over the excised area. To create the most natural-looking aesthetics possible, Dr. Hershcovitch takes great care to match the donor skin to the new area.

Facial Reconstruction Surgery in California

Dr. Matt Hershcovitch has a special history with reconstructive treatment after skin cancer: he’s published numerous articles in national journals and book chapters on the treatment and management of skin cancer on the face.

Facial Fracture Repair

Facial trauma, sometimes called maxillofacial trauma, is a physical injury to the soft and bony tissues of the face. No matter the severity of the injury, a facial fracture requires immediate medical attention, but patients should also find a surgeon with the experience and training to restore the face’s natural aesthetics and function. In addition to the immediate injury, facial trauma could also develop into other long-term deformities. The following conditions can develop and create additional issues for patients already suffering from facial trauma;

  • Soft tissue atrophy
  • Post-traumatic enopthalmus (recessed eyeball in orbit)
  • Post-traumatic telecanthus (increased distance between eyelids)
  • Malar flattening
  • Cranial defects

Because he has dedicated his professional life to facial plastics, Dr. Hershcovitch has a unique, specialized set of skills to not just repair facial fractures, but to also address any other related issues that may develop from facial trauma.

Dr. Hershcovitch plans each facial reconstruction treatment using high-resolution CT scanners and 3D CT formatting. By visualizing the facial fracture, Dr. Hershcovitch can perform treatment with incredible precision.

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Nasal Fracture Repair

As a double board-certified otolaryngologist and facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Hershcovitch specializes in treating nasal issues. If a patient is suffering from a nasal fracture, otherwise known as a broken nose, then they have bigger concerns than an unsightly broken nose. When the structures crucial for breathing are compromised, it could lead to more serious breathing problems over time.

A nasal fracture will break the bony pyramid at the top 1/3rd of the nose, but if it’s not treated with facial reconstruction the hard and soft cartilage at the bottom 2/3rds of the nose can collapse or warp, further worsening a patient’s breathing problems.

Dr. Hershcovitch uses a collection of open and closed nasal surgery techniques, and he will create a personalized plan to restore the natural framework of your nose.


If you feel as if your ears are too prominent or stick out too much, they can be altered by a procedure called otoplasty. Otoplasty works by pinning protruding ears back. It’s performed by creating an incision behind the ear. Then the cartilage infrastructure of the ear is reshaped so the ears are more symmetrical and lay flatter against the sides of the head. Sutures are then used to hold the ears in place.

While otoplasty is available for most patients, Dr. Hershcovitch requires that patients be over the age 6 before undergoing the procedure, the reason being that people’s ears are considered mature by the age of 6.

Facial reconstruction requires a certain mastery of sophisticated facial plastic surgery techniques. You should entrust your treatment to a specialist with the credentials and experience to create the right treatments and the right results. If you need a skilled, expert surgeon for facial reconstruction in the Burbank area, contact the office of Dr. Hershcovitch for an informative consultation.