What does it mean to be a double board-certified facial plastic surgeon? It means an incredible dedication to one of the most sophisticated, intricate surgical fields.

Being an expert in facial surgery also means having an incredible understanding of the facial anatomy and facial aesthetics. Most of all, it means the ability to create results that look exquisitely balanced and natural. Facial surgery requires the utmost talent and the right amount of training, which is why so many patients in Burbank choose Dr. Matt Hershcovitch. Of course, it’s not just his work with facial surgery that’s renowned in the community; he’s also known for his compassionate approach to his procedures and his professional, supportive staff.

Dr. Hershcovitch offers a wide array of facial surgery procedures ranging from cosmetic treatments to reconstructive procedures. With his meticulous planning and extensive experience with facial surgery, Dr. Hershcovitch strives to restore function as well as create balanced, natural-looking results each and every time.


The facelift is probably one of the most well-known procedures in facial surgery, and to this day there are countless variations of the facelift that a patient can choose from. Facial surgery specialists like Dr. Hershcovitch know all too well that there is no one facelift technique that’ll work on every person; instead, the right approach is to personalize each procedure for each patient. By customizing each facial surgery, patients have a chance to achieve natural, balanced results that are right for them. With a lift, patients can tighten and lift sagging skin on the lower face as well as contour and restore fullness to the cheeks. Like all the best facelifts, Dr. Hershcovitch also addresses signs of aging on the neck to create comprehensive rejuvenation.

Mini Facelift

Dr. Hershcovitch specializes in the mini facelift, a variation of the facelift procedure that’s less invasive and allows for a much shorter recovery. The mini facelift is an incredibly popular facial surgery procedure because it’s much more convenient than a traditional facelift. Despite the limited amount of dissection, a mini lift is designed to lift jowls, sagging skin on the neck, and gaunt cheeks.

Along with the shorter recovery, the mini lift has shorter incisions, and it can be performed in the office using a local anesthetic. However, like the traditional facelift, the mini lift also addresses signs of aging on the neck. To qualify for the mini lift, patients should have minimal signs of aging that are localized in the lower third of the face.

Facelift Revision

Some surgeons can’t quite get facial surgery right the first time. That’s why qualified, highly trained double Board-Certified surgeons like Dr. Hershcovitch perform face lift revisions, a type of facial surgery procedure that repairs compromised facelift results. Dr. Hershcovitch approaches all revisions in a way that prioritizes patient safety, but he’s also passionate about restoring the face’s natural structure and function. Dr. Hershcovitch will personalize each approach depending on what techniques the previous surgeon used and how much time had passed since the initial surgery.

Because of the complex and sophisticated nature of revisions, only the most highly trained facial surgery specialists like Dr. Hershcovitch perform revision procedures. If you want to achieve the results you deserved the first time around, then contact Dr. Hershcovitch to learn more about how a revision procedure can help you.

Facial Reconstruction

Facial reconstruction is a type of facial surgery that repairs trauma, scarring, or skin cancer on the face. Regardless of whether the deformity was caused by disease, surgery, or physical trauma, patients need to seek a surgeon that can restore facial anatomy and prevent further complications from occurring; that’s why it’s so crucial that patients seek a board-certified surgeon for their facial surgery. Reconstruction can repair a fractured face or nose as well as repair tissues that have been affected by skin cancer removal. Dr. Hershcovitch can also perform reconstruction in concert with Mohs Surgery.

Facial reconstruction is more than just treatment—it’s a chance for patients to return to normalcy. Of course, facial reconstruction also offers more than repair; facial reconstruction also includes otoplasty, a kind of facial surgery that repositions overly prominent ears.