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Revision Plastic Surgery – Take Two on a Surgical Treatment

Plastic surgery gets more and more advanced as time goes on; it’s not just evident in the natural, breathtaking results that new, innovative procedures can create—we can see it from the deformities that emerge from the rhinoplasties and facelifts performed decades ago. Now that patients are much more informed and plastic surgery techniques have progressed greatly, patients are undergoing revision surgery in droves.

Revision plastic surgery is a new specialty in plastic surgery that focuses entirely on revising inadequate or defective plastic surgery results. While there are some surgeons who repeat procedures they performed previously to refine results, revision surgery is done to entirely revise the work of another surgeon.

Dr. Hershcovitch is a renowned facial plastic surgery specialist who’s known for his revision surgery for facelift and rhinoplasty. While most inadequate facelift and rhinoplasty results occur because the surgeon ignored the patient’s anatomical structures in favor of aesthetics, Dr. Hershcovitch truly believes in the importance of respecting facial anatomy and structure. Having studied the most advanced techniques for revision surgery, Dr. Hershcovitch’s expertise can help patients achieve the results they deserved to have the first time around.

Double Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon

Revision Surgery – Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is a difficult enough procedure by itself. It’s widely considered to be one of the most sophisticated/scrutinized plastic surgery procedures not just because the nose is aesthetically important, but also because of the hundreds of different factors a plastic surgeon needs to take in into account. It stands to reason that revision surgery for a “botched” rhinoplasty requires an even higher level of care and skill, which is why it’s so crucial that patients choose a surgeon with the right qualifications and the right training.

As a double board certified facial plastic surgeon in Thousand Oaks, Dr. Hershcovitch is uniquely qualified to perform revision surgery for the nose, but he’s also known for his impressive results and his ability to restore function to a deformed nose. Dr. Hershcovitch has seen the consequences of traditional rhinoplasties that compromised on technique to achieve certain aesthetic results. Some surgeons didn’t have the skills to deal with cartilage that was too thick or too flimsy, or didn’t know how to redrape the skin in a way that looked aesthetically pleasing once the skin shrank over the cartilage. Over time, these shortcuts developed into a number of issues:

  • Thin nasal skin
  • Nose that looks too bony and angular
  • Nasal tip that’s pinched
  • Nasal tip that droops
  • Asymmetrical nose
  • Breathing that is compromised
  • Nose made them look too different
  • Change wasn’t substantial enough
  • Extreme sloping

Aesthetic concerns aren’t the only issues caused by botched nose jobs; some patients find that their warped nasal structures have made breathing difficult, and that their inadequate nose job led to substantial health problems down the line. The patient’s safety is of paramount importance to Dr. Hershcovitch, and he strives to create natural, balanced results in the context of treating structural issues. For both structural and aesthetic concerns, Dr. Hershcovitch plans each revision surgery to create results that last a lifetime.

Revision Surgery – Facelift

While almost all the tissues in the face and neck are affected by aging, traditional facelifts tended to only address superficial tissues like the skin. By simply removing excess tissue and pulling the rest towards the ear, surgeons from decades ago created results that looked aesthetically pleasing at the moment, but eventually morphed into deformities. Quite predictably, patients who underwent these kinds of facelifts ended up having inadequate rejuvenation that lasted 5 years, at best. Surgeons that didn’t know how to address the muscles and fat pads in the face and neck ended up creating results that were incredibly susceptible to the effects of time, and the face even began to age asymmetrically.

Some of the most common symptoms of a botched facelift include:

  • Large scars
  • Indentations from the neck – “cobra neck”
  • Pulled, stretched ear – “pixie ear”
  • Prominently sagging skin under the eyes – The malar crescent
  • Hollow eyes
  • Cascading, horizontal sagging skin across the cheek – Lateral sweep

As a specialist in facial surgery, Dr. Hershcovitch is well versed in revision surgery for the facelift. In fact, Dr. Hershcovitch has published numerous papers and book chapters on the topic of facial revision surgery.

The lack of advanced plastic surgery techniques in decades past have created something of an epidemic of botched facelifts and nose surgeries; other factors like the lack of communication between the surgeon and patient probably exacerbated those results. By listening intently and sincerely to every patient’s wants and needs, Dr. Hershcovitch strives to help patients attain the right results the second time around. It’s that combination of compassion, training, and expertise that truly makes him a specialist in revision surgery.

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