Chemical Peel

Chemical Peels – Cosmetic Skin Care

A chemical peel is a solution that is applied to the face and neck to remove the damaged, outer layers of skin.

While treatment is completely nonsurgical and require little downtime, they still need to be administered by a skilled medical professional with a keen understanding of facial aesthetics. Factors like the patient’s aesthetic goals, the quality of their skin, the concentration of the chemical peel, and the duration of the treatment all need to be considered to deliver a safe and effective treatment. To create the best possible outcomes and to give each patient peace of mind, Dr. Hershcovitch performs every chemical peel himself.

Peels have evolved over the years, and many have formulas advanced enough to treat a wide variety of skin conditions without being too harsh on the patient. With our advanced TCA peel, we offer our patients a chance to reveal the fresher, younger skin beneath with comfort and convenience.

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How a Chemical Peel Works

The special solution used during treatment exfoliates the skin. Once it’s applied, it penetrates the different layers of skin and breaks down the bonds between the tissues in a matter of minutes. The outer layers react by slowly peeling and sloughing off, leaving behind newer and younger layers of skin. By removing the damaged outer layers, a chemical peel essentially removes all types of blemishes and signs of aging. The peeling also triggers the skin’s healing and rebuilding process, creating the added benefit of encouraging skin firmness.

A chemical peel can also penetrate skin at different depth. In terms of strength, peels can range from light, medium, to deep. There are also various factors that affect how strong treatment is; determinants like the duration of treatment, the type of solution, the concentration of the formula, and how the peel is administered can influence the patient’s results.

The more powerful the solution is, the longer the recovery period.

The Benefits of the TCA Chemical Peel

Dr. Hershcovitch is proud to offer a 35% TCA (tricholoacetic acid) peel for his patients. This treatment is medium-depth, so they’re gentle enough to be used on a variety of areas but powerful to treat a wide range of signs of aging and skin conditions. The TCA chemical peel can be used on the hands and neck, and since it won’t bleach the skin like other peels, it can be used around sensitive areas like the mouth and eyes. For that same reason, the TCA is also optimal for patients with darker skin.

This effective procedure can be used for a wide variety of conditions like:

  • Melasma
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Dark circles under the eyes
  • Sun spots

Once the full results have developed, patients should see a smoother, younger-looking appearance and clearer skin.

Recovery from a Chemical Peel

In the days following the treatment, patients will gradually see their outer layers of skin blister and peel off. Patients will find that their skin will look and feel red and irritated to the touch, much like a sun burn. In the week following the procedure and during the peeling process, patients should avoid excessive sun exposure at all costs. It’s highly recommended that patients wear sunscreen while recovering from a chemical peel.

After week, patients should be able to notice an improvement in their complexion and a younger-looking appearance.


How a Chemical Peel is Performed

Your chemical peel will be performed in Dr. Hershcovitch’s medical office. Before your appointment, Dr. Hershcovitch will thoroughly analyze the quality of your skin and the extent of the different skin conditions you want to treat. Once he’s planned the placement and application of the solution, your skin will be cleansed and prepped for the procedure. The solution will then be rubbed on and left on for a few minutes. Once it’s been left on for an appropriate amount of time, the peel is neutralized with water and a mask will be applied to protect the skin. Generally, a peel takes less than an hour to perform, and patients are able to return home the same day.

When Do I See my Results?

The results from the chemical peel should come gradually in weeks, maybe months. However, the rejuvenation effects are long lasting. 

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