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A brow lift, also known as a forehead lift, is an excellent way to lift sagging brows and smooth out deep wrinkles on the forehead. As we age, the skin on our forehead and eyebrows loses precious elasticity. At the same time, the facial muscles lose tone, leading to deep, heavy wrinkles to appear on the forehead. Gradually, patients develop a heavy drooping brow that makes them look much older, tired, and perhaps a bit upset when in reality they aren’t.

While dermal fillers can go a long way towards lifting and smoothing the upper face, surgical treatment can be incredibly helpful for patients that need substantial lift. The brow lift is a remarkable procedure that removes excess skin, smooths a wrinkled forehead, and lifts drooping eyebrows. Patients can look forward to a more vibrant, refreshed facial aesthetic.

Am I a candidate for the Brow Lift?

The ideal candidate for a brow lift is someone with substantial excess skin on the forehead and drooping eyebrows. Many of our patients are often told that they look constantly tired or upset. Drooping brows can also often worsen the look of sagging eyelids. In cases where both sides of the face age at different rates, some patients experience noticeable asymmetry with their drooping brows.

While this is a powerful anti-aging procedure, there is no definite age range that makes patients a better candidate than another. A patient’s health is a better indicator as to whether they’re qualified to undergo the procedure; patients should be in relatively good health if they want to undergo the procedure. That means patients shouldn’t have any major untreated conditions like cardiovascular disease. Patients should also have realistic expectations for what treatment can do.

While the brow lift is a powerful anti-aging procedure, there is no specific age range that qualified a patient for the procedure. Health is a better indicator as to whether facial surgery will work for you.  You should be in good general health, free of any major untreated conditions like cardiovascular disease, with realistic expectations about your treatment plan.

When patients are tired of having their youthful looks obscured by heavy brow, and dermal fillers are not producing the desired results, a forehead lift is an excellent solution.

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Types of Forehead and Brow Lifts

Dr. Hershcovitch personalizes each procedure for patients’ specific needs. Dr. Hershcovitch practices a variety of techniques, including the pretrichial, mid-forehead lift, and endoscopic brow lift.

Recovery from the Brow Lift

Dr. Hershcovitch will prepare a recovery plan that’s fully customized for you and the technique used during treatment. He will also schedule office visits so that he can monitor your recovery and make sure the treatment site is healing successfully. Because the endoscopic brow lift is minimally invasive, it typically has a faster recovery than other procedures.

Patients will need a trusted friend, family member, or caretaker to drive them home and watch over them after the surgery for about a day. For about two weeks, patients should keep their head elevated at all times, even during sleep. After that, patients are advised to refrain from any strenuous activity (including heavy lifting) for about two weeks. Patients are asked to avoid social events for about a week, and patients can often return to work at around the same time. Dr. Hershcovitch will let you know once you’re ready to go to work.

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