Mini Facelift

Mini Facelift In California – A Milder Procedure May be Right for You

Sagging skin can be one of the most disheartening signs of aging. Loose and lax skin around the neck, jawline, and the cheek can make you look tired, gaunt, and much older than you feel. Of course, not everyone experiences sagging skin to the same degree.

What do you do if you’re in that tricky situation where you have excess, sagging skin, but you feel like a major surgical procedure like face lift is too excessive? There is a happy medium between temporary non-invasive procedures and traditional facial surgery: the mini facelift. Dr. Hershcovitch provides treatments that are personalized to each patient’s unique concerns and offers rejuvenation for patients whose aging hasn’t advanced enough to warrant a classic lift.

The mini facelift is an incredibly popular rejuvenation procedure that lifts sagging skin in the middle of the face, the lower face, and the neck. Dr. Hershcovitch provides a natural result with an in-office procedure without the need for a general anesthetic. Patients in Burbank love this unique treatment because it offers long-lasting rejuvenation but with a simpler in-office procedure and the promise of a faster recovery.

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Our Mini Facelift Technique

Dr. Hershcovitch is known for his work with this treatment. In its most basic sense, this procedure requires shorter incisions and less tissue manipulation. Treatment works by manipulating facial tissues and elevating the skin flaps to tighten excess, drooping tissues. The lift can also vary between a SMAS lift, which addresses the layer of connective tissue and muscle under the skin, and the deep plane lift, which addresses the tissues under the SMAS. The mini facelift only addresses the SMAS, allowing for a faster recovery and minimal bruising and swelling.

Mini Facelift in California

The Benefits of a Mini Facelift

This less invasive procedure can tighten sagging, droopy skin on the jaw, the cheeks, and the neck for a smoother, younger looking appearance. Treatment does not require general or twilight anesthesia; instead, it can be conveniently performed in the safety of Dr. Hershcovitch’s medical office. It can also be performed using only local anesthesia—that means no uncomfortable breathing tube or nausea from general anesthetic. And because the incisions are shorter, patients don’t have to worry as much about concealing long scars. There’s also less tissue manipulation with this approach, so patients get to enjoy a shorter recovery.

A mini facelift achieves subtle, natural results with a safe, minimally invasive procedure.

Am I a Candidate for the Mini Facelift?

Patients should have realistic expectations of what the procedure can do; they should also be relatively physically and emotionally healthy. Patients of all skin types can undergo a mini facelift.

It should be noted that treatment can’t address areas like drooping brows, a wrinkled forehead, or signs of aging around the eyes. In these cases, treatment can be combined with a browlift, an eyelid lift, or injectables like Botox.

Treatment might not be sufficient to target significant skin laxity and the development of jowls. If you happen to have substantial skin laxity, it’s possible that Dr. Hershcovitch will recommend a classic lift.

The Recovery from the Mini Facelift

Dr. Hershcovitch’s biggest priority is the patient’s safety, so he keeps a close eye on patients during their entire recovery period and all the way through their final results. His patients are given detailed instructions for their recovery from the mini facelift, and they will also follow a schedule of regular in-office visits so the doctor can monitor their progress.

The length of your recovery will depend on the length of the incisions, the degree of tissue dissection, and how quickly your body heals, but swelling and bruising is likely to dissipate faster than a classic face lift. Patients can return to work about a week after their procedure —maybe even faster.

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Frequently Asked Questions About the Mini Facelift

Because the operation is shorter, doesn’t require general or twilight anesthesia, and can be performed in a medical office instead of a surgical center, making it more cost effective than an invasive surgery. Of course, prices will vary from patient to patient, so if you want an exact quote you can contact Dr. Hershcovitch for a consultation.

This less invasive procedure is different from a classic lift in the following ways:

  • Its performed with local anesthesia
  • It’s performed in a medical office instead of a hospital
  • Has less swelling and bruising
  • Has a faster recovery
  • Does not address as big an area as a classic face lift

A classic lift’s results typically last about 12-15 years, but a mini facelift’s results can last for up to 8-10 years. Of course, you will continue to age after your procedure, but treatment will help set back the clock.

Incisions will be hidden around the natural contours of the face, like the hairline and curves of the ears. The shorter scars  will be easier to hide.

The mini facelift is not painful, and it will be performed using local anesthesia. Many of our patients report the recovery as being less painful as a regular face lift. With the mini facelift, patients will be able to enjoy less swelling and bruising during the recovery period.

Patients should wait about a week before returning to their work.

The mini facelift is not a lesser version of facial surgery—just a different type for patients with unique needs. To ensure the best results, make sure you find a board-certified surgeon like Dr. Hershcovitch that specializes in the procedure. For a chance to see if you qualify for a mini facelift in the Calabasas, West Hills, Hidden Hills, Woodland Hills, and Westlake Village areas, contact the offices of Dr. Matt Hershcovitch now, for a consultation.