3 Reasons Only a Facial Plastic Surgeon Should Perform Your Rhinoplasty

Although any licensed surgeon can legally perform rhinoplasty, few specialize in it. This information should be of interest to those who are considering nose surgery either for cosmetic or functional concerns. The reason is that multiple plates of cartilage and bone must be manipulated during the procedure. Even general training in plastic surgery does not always allow a surgeon to refine the knowledge of facial and nasal anatomy necessary to deliver the best results from nose surgery. A lack of expertise in manipulating these delicate structures may lead to an overcorrection, which includes a scooped-out appearance along the bridge, making the tip look pinched. Here are three reasons why you should seek the services of a board-certified facial plastic surgeon for a rhinoplasty.

1. Facial Plastic Surgeons are Trained in Rhinoplasty

Although plastic surgeons are trained in aesthetic improvements and reconstructive protocols for the entire body, a facial plastic surgeon takes a more focused approach. These specialists are rare because they concentrate their practice on otolaryngology (head and neck surgery). Double board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Matt Hershcovitch, is dedicated to this complex surgical field. He is an expert in facial plastics, meaning he has a full understanding of nasal and facial anatomy and aesthetics. 

He has the advanced skill to deliver outcomes that are natural and symmetric. His artistic talent and detailed training have put him at the forefront of rhinoplasty for patients in the Westgate and Burbank communities.

2. Facial Plastic Surgeons are Experienced in Rhinoplasty

Board-certified facial plastic surgeons have considerable experience in rhinoplasty. They perform nose surgery on a weekly, if not daily basis, unlike surgeons who have a more comprehensive practice. Also, they have experience in the variety of nasal shapes and sizes that change through genetic and cultural heritages. Dr. Hershcovitch’ s breadth of experience allows him to adapt his techniques to recontour any nose, regardless of its tissue composition or contour.

3. Facial Plastic Surgeons Deliver the Best Rhinoplasty Results

When you seek a board-certified facial plastic surgeon, you are more likely to get the results that will improve your quality of life. Dr. Hershcovitch offers desired rhinoplasty outcomes without the need for revision. He also can adjust rhinoplasty results that are not flattering or have left the patient with functional issues. Dr. Hershcovitch is a highly sought-after rhinoplasty surgeon who has the skill and experience to deliver the nose you want.

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