How Do You Mentally Prepare for Nose Job Surgery?

Now that you’ve decided to have some work done to your nose, you might be wondering what you can do to prepare yourself for the procedure mentally.

Many don’t realize it, but there’s a mental aspect to consider that plays a significant role in how well they tolerate surgery and the changes made to their nose.

You’ll need to do more than follow your pre-operative rhinoplasty guidelines. It’s beneficial to develop the right mindset to prepare yourself mentally for your nose job surgery.

Even if you completely trust your surgeon’s skills and expertise, it’s normal to have some pre-surgery anxiety about the procedure. Fortunately, Dr. Hershcovitch’s patients can use the following pointers to prepare for their nose job surgery mentally and calm any nerves or jitters they may have about the big day.

Reevaluate Your Decision

Plastic surgery is a significant decision, and the results are permanent. It’s crucial that you’re having work done on your nose for the right reasons. Make sure you’re having your nose changed for yourself and not anyone else.

Research and Learn

Learn everything you can about the procedure. Check out patient reviews and see what they have to say about the procedure, their experience, and their results. Even though you have certain expectations about your outcome, it’s important to keep them realistic.

The more you know about your nose job surgery, the more relaxed you’ll feel about what’s to come throughout the experience.

Think Positively

It’s okay if you feel nervous or apprehensive about your upcoming procedure. It helps to keep a positive state of mind. Nose job surgery is one of the world’s safest and most popular cosmetic procedures. Every year, millions of people have nose jobs and are completely satisfied with their results.

To help alleviate some of the anxiety and jitters you may feel as your rhinoplasty date approaches, think happy and positive thoughts.

Don’t let false ideas of what could go wrong ruminate in your mind or cause you to stress when you don’t have to. Instead, focus on the good things to come and how much happier you’ll be with your appearance once you’ve had your nose job surgery and are done with recovery.

Get a Support System

Surround yourself with family and friends that support your decision to have rhinoplasty. Discuss your anxieties or concerns with them and listen to their feedback. Use their input to help calm your worries and help you prepare for your nose job surgery.

Get a Hobby

Distractions can help you prepare for rhinoplasty, lower your stress and anxiety, and keep you from worrying needlessly about the procedure. Catch up on your shows on your favorite streaming service, read books, play sports, or hang out with friends to help keep your mind at ease about your upcoming nose job surgery.

Adopt a Healthier Lifestylenose job surgery

Get in shape, quit smoking or drinking alcohol, eat better and healthier foods, and increase your hydration. Use these actions to help keep your mind off things as you prepare mentally for nose job surgery.

These adjustments also help prepare your body for the stress and toll of surgery and enable it to heal faster so you can recover quicker and have better results.

Reach Out to Your Surgeon

You picked Dr. Hershcovitch, MD, as your surgeon for a reason. So contact him to discuss your nose job surgery concerns. Ask about his credentials and to see before and after photos of past rhinoplasty patients.

Doing so can help boost your confidence and trust in your surgeon and give you greater peace of mind about the procedure and what’s to come.

Plan for Nose Job Recovery

After rhinoplasty, you should expect to spend some time healing from the procedure. Make sure you stock up on food, medication, and supplies to keep you comfortable during recovery.

Ask friends and family to help out during the first few weeks of recovery. It’s common to feel tired, sore, and swollen after nose job surgery and for several days afterward.

Rest often, especially during the first week or two of recovery. Minimize your activities and avoid strenuous ones. Listen to your body, and don’t feel alarmed or upset that your nose doesn’t look the way you want right away.

It takes time for your nose to settle after rhinoplasty and for the results to become more refined and noticeable.

Take pictures of your nose and appearance before your procedure and afterward so you can look at them often. This can help ease any anxieties you may have about your results.

As the swelling and lingering effects of surgery disappear, you see the remarkable changes in your nose and feel more satisfied and confident about your procedure and overall experience.

The night before surgery, take a bath and relax with some music to unwind and help ease your mind. On the morning of the procedure, do some light stretches and follow all pre-surgical instructions to ensure your procedure goes smoothly.

You can do many things to prepare yourself mentally for nose job surgery. Besides the suggestions above, try to stay positive and keep yourself preoccupied with preparing your body, home, friends, and loved ones for your surgery so they can help keep your spirits up and help you heal and recover faster.

No matter the type of rhinoplasty procedure or the amount of work you plan to have done to your nose, take some time to review the information above and keep in mind that surgery doesn’t have to be stressful.

Do your best to minimize stress, stay active, and follow your procedure prep guidelines so you are ready for the big day.

For more pointers on how to mentally prepare for nose job surgery, don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Matt Hershcovitch, M.D., Facial Plastic Surgery in Burbank, California, at (818) 639-7157.