How Long Does a Typical Nose Job Last?

Anyone ready to get rid of imperfections in their nose can undergo rhinoplasty. It’s a procedure that surgically alters the shape of the nose to improve its aesthetics and balance the features of the face. Many people find that their satisfaction and appreciation for their nose and features return after their procedures, and their self-confidence is much higher.

Although it’s one of the most sought-after cosmetic treatments in California and across the country, many candidates have questions about different aspects of the procedure, especially the recovery phase and results. Anyone interested in learning how to protect or preserve their results should review the following information on how long a typical nose job lasts.

What’s So Special About Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is the most effective way to alter the nose’s shape, structure, and appearance. Whether you’re unhappy with the tip, are tired of having your nostrils flare, or have other reasons for considering a nose job, it’s best to choose a plastic surgeon with a proven track record of satisfied nose job patients.

Dr. Hershcovitch, M.D., is an expert in facial aesthetics and specializes in providing results that enhance the organic and artistic contours of the nasal structure to improve overall appearance and satisfaction.

The nose is a dominant facial feature that is hard to overlook. Yet, its function and beauty are indisputable. Nose jobs aren’t just for cosmetics and aesthetics; they also improve nasal function to make breathing easier for those with related breathing difficulties.

Factors That Affect Nose Job Results

Nose Job ResultsIt’s important to understand that a nose job is permanent. Careful consideration when choosing a nose job surgeon is crucial to ensure patients gain their desired effects and natural-looking results. Rhinoplasty is offered on an elective basis where patients have control over the changes being made to improve their noses. Yet, the surgeon is careful to preserve breathing function while making revisions that balance and complement the face.

Nose job results can last a lifetime, but the continuous aging process, exposure to the sun and environmental damage, etc., can negatively impact the longevity of patients’ results.


Aging never stops, and its effects are not always as kind to the body, especially facial features as many would like. Aging causes the nose to appear larger and wider. The cartilage of the nose that helps give it its rigid structure weakens as the skin becomes thinner. As the aging process advances, it gradually changes the shape and size of the nose.

By the time many reach middle age, their noses look much different than during their youth and, in some cases, work less efficiently due to changes in function. The effects of aging on the nose are normal, but that doesn’t mean they’re always wanted. Fortunately, rhinoplasty or a nose job is one of the safest and most effective corrective options available to anyone who wants to alter their nose structure to improve their appearance.


Many people don’t realize it, but health does play a role in how long a typical nose job lasts. Individuals with less-than-optimal health or underlying medical conditions that have yet to be diagnosed or properly treated can end up having their nose job results deteriorate faster than expected or normal.


Many rhinoplasty patients regain their confidence after living with lifelong insecurities about their nose and appearance. Some become so emboldened by their nose’s appearance that they forget to protect it from trauma, such as engaging in risky activities and recreational habits like sports accidents or physical altercations.

The nose is fragile and becomes even more so after rhinoplasty because there is less nasal and cartilage tissue. Patients should keep this in mind and take precautionary measures when necessary to prevent blows and other issues that can damage their results.

Personal Expectations

A nose job permanently revises the structure of the nose. With proper care and some preventive measures, results can last for the rest of your life. Of course, it helps to consider how aging, skin care, and facial trauma from physical altercations, car accidents, or sports activities may affect your nose job results. Patients should ask their surgeon about additional measures they can take to care for and protect their nose, so their results last indefinitely.

Can I Have Multiple Rhinoplasties?

Some nose job patients, for reasons of their own, are unhappy with the results of their previous procedures and opt to have revision rhinoplasty. Revision nose jobs are done to correct unsatisfactory results or structural issues that arise that make breathing difficult. Revision nose jobs are rare, but they occur.

Revisions are just as effective as standard rhinoplasty. However, the bar for patients to qualify is higher because revisional procedures are more complex. The standard nose job involves the removal of cartilage, bone, and skin tissues. This leaves behind less tissue and structures for the surgeon to work with. Approvals for revisions are made on a case-by-case basis.

Regardless of whether it’s a first or subsequent nose job procedure, patients with the best outcomes are those who have their procedures performed by a board-certified surgeon specializing in rhinoplasty. The right cosmetic surgeon has a track record of successful nose jobs and satisfied patients. Dr. Herschcovitch, MD, makes every effort to make the necessary adjustments to the structure of the patient’s nose to achieve the desired outcome.

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