Reasons to Schedule Your Rhinoplasty Consultation with Dr. Hershcovitch in 2019

Your nose is an important part of your appearance and often becomes a focal point when you meet new people. If you feel self-conscious about your nose because of genetics or due to an injury that has misshapen it, it can harm your self-esteem and affect the way you interact with others. Having a nose surgery known as rhinoplasty to reshape and/or repair your nose is the perfect way to address these concerns and restore your confidence. If you live in Burbank, you should consider scheduling a rhinoplasty consultation with Dr. Matt Hershcovitch. Here’s why.

You’re Ready to Look and Feel Better in the New Year

The new year is the perfect time to make positive changes to your life that will help boost your confidence and address concerns that may have been bothering you for many years. Dr. Hershcovitch is committed to matching his patients’ outer beauty to their inner beauty and knows that refinement to the facial structure can often bring out the inner light of those who have dealt with self-doubt their entire lives. When you schedule your rhinoplasty consultation with Dr. Hershcovitch, you will be taking the steps to ensure that 2019 is the most exciting and fulfilling year yet!

You Have Questions About the Procedure

It’s understandable that you would have numerous questions regarding your nose surgery. You may wonder how much pain you will experience, what the recovery time is like, and what will happen if you aren’t satisfied with the results. Your consultation with Dr. Hershcovitch will answer all of these questions and put your mind at ease before you schedule your surgery. The doctor always takes the time to listen to his patients’ backgrounds, concerns, questions, and needs before moving forward with any type of procedure. His caring and compassion will put you at ease and reassure you that you are working with someone who truly cares about you.

You Want to Work with a True Professional

 If you are ready to have nose surgery, you want to make sure you have a true professional performing your procedure. Dr. Hershcovitch is an expert in ENT surgery as well as in plastic surgery. That means that he will not only focus on creating a natural and attractive result, but he will also address concerns such as snoring, breathing problems, or other health issues related to your nasal passage. Common types of nose surgery that Dr. Hershcovitch performs include bony hump removal, narrowing of the width of the nose, and nose tip reshaping. He can do this in a closed or open procedure depending on the extent of reshaping you desire and what areas of the nose will be involved in the procedure. When you consult with a professional such as Dr. Hershcovitch, you know that you are working with someone who will ensure they perform the surgery that is just right for you.

You Want an Experienced Surgeon Performing Your Procedure

It’s comforting to know that your plastic surgeon has experience in the type of procedure you are undergoing. Dr. Hershcovitch has extensive experience with challenging surgeries such as ethnic nose reshaping and will put you at ease if you have a complicated surgery you need to be performed. The doctor is sensitive to the needs and wants of those from different ethnicities and always takes the time to understand your goals and background before scheduling your rhinoplasty.

You Want to be Taken Care of After Your Surgery is Complete

 Though rhinoplasty is an outpatient surgery and should have no complications, you still want to know that your doctor will take care of you if you need anything once the surgery is complete. Dr. Hershcovitch is very invested in your recovery and makes sure to monitor each patient when they wake up from anesthesia before allowing them to go home. He also opts to give patients casts and nasal splints instead of packing the nose after surgery to provide a more comfortable recovery. If you have any questions after surgery or during your recovery, Dr. Hershcovitch and his caring staff are always there to help.

 Now is the time to improve the shape of your nose and boost your self-image! Schedule a consultation with Dr. Hershcovitch today.