Three Reasons Why Summer is the Ideal Time for Rhinoplasty

Cosmetic surgery for nose appearance is more typical with teenagers than with any other age group. The reason? Because aesthetic nose surgery is best done when you’re young, and when you’re young, it’s essential to look your best. But when is the best time for most patients to plan for rhinoplasty? Given the schedule of high school and college students, a summer procedure is the most likely answer. Here are three reasons why: 

1. It’s the Time for New Beginnings

Graduation from high school or college is the end of an era for many young people. What better time for correcting facial appearance than before embarking on another phase in your life. If you are in high school, starting college may be approaching; if you are in college, a career is likely in your future. Nothing breeds confidence more than looking great, and with the nose being the center of your most visible feature, rhinoplasty is a great way to trigger success. 

Rhinoplasty during the summer months can deliver optimal results which will improve self-esteem and in some cases, nose function. By opening the airflow through nasal passages, the increase in oxygen levels will also provide more energy for what will soon be a busier lifestyle.  

2. Great Time for Downtime

With school behind you and no looming deadlines calling for all-nighters for the next several weeks, there is time to rest and recover so you can heal up after your operation. Also, there is plenty of time on your calendar left for travel or intern options. Two weeks is a suitable time frame for recovery, a great time to catch up on your binge-watching your favorite or a new show.

This advantage does come with a caveat. Your surgeon will advise that you stay out of the direct sunlight and limit your exposure for about six weeks. Make sure you have a good supply of sunscreen available after your recovery is complete. 

3. Discretion, Because No One Needs to Know

Summer is a good time for transition, putting to bed what’s in the past and looking forward to what is to come. If you prefer that new friends or colleagues don’t know about your nose correction, it’s as simple as don’t tell them. As far as they will know, your new appearance is not new at all, but how you’ve always looked. 

Recover Tips

Summer is a great time to schedule rhinoplasty. However, each season brings a different set of recovery challenges. For a quick and successful healing process, here are a few tips we recommend after your operation:

Avoid the Sun

Avoiding direct sunlight to the incision areas are crucial for a successful result. You should stay out of the sun for at least six weeks after surgery. If you need to go outside, make sure you wear a wide-brimmed hat and sunscreen. 

Do Not Wear Sunglasses

The nosepiece of the sunglasses may apply too much weight or pinch the bridge of the nose, causing interference with your nose healing correctly. You should also limit wearing your prescription glasses for the same reason. It may be best to switch to contacts for the first few weeks after surgery. 

No Contact Sports or Swimming

Avoid any activities which may risk having any trauma to your nose area. Also, don’t swim because saltwater and chlorine have adverse effects on your nose, increasing the risk of infection. 

Plenty of Rest

Take this time to lay back and rest. You’ve been busy in school for the last few years, and you’ve got more ahead of you. Recovery is a great time to take a break and recharge. 

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