What Is the Most Popular Plastic Surgery in 2023?

Plastic surgery in Burbank, CA, has long been a popular option for people wanting to address aesthetic concerns and boost their confidence. And as beauty standards evolve, so do the popular plastic surgery procedures. 

If you’re planning on getting a cosmetic procedure in 2023, take some time to explore the popular trends. Some top procedures are long-time popular surgeries, while a few new options might just surprise you.  

The Changing Landscape of Aesthetic Desires

Beauty standards and trends are constantly changing. Just look at the differences in the ideal beauty standards in the early 2000s and 2010s compared to what’s trending now. At the turn of the century, the focus was on thin everything—thin bodies, thin eyebrows, etc. 

The emphasis then turned toward the ultimate hourglass figure, thanks to celebrities like Kim Kardashian setting the ideal beauty standards. Now, it seems that there’s a shift back toward slimmer bodies and a more proportional body shape, led (yet again) by influencers and celebrities. 

Social media and technology have also had a significant influence on what people consider the perfect aesthetic. It’s easy to compare oneself to others on social media, and even participating in regular video work meetings can draw people’s attention to their own flaws. People then explore what they would look like with different filters and photo editing tools, which often leads to a decision to get plastic surgery in Burbank, CA. 

The Impact of the Pandemic on Plastic Surgery

There was a significant surge in cosmetic surgeries after the pandemic when most people were attending virtual meetings and communicating via social media. A 2023 report found that cosmetic surgeries increased nearly 30% in 2021 compared to 2019, nearly 50% compared to 2020. 

Some of the main motivators for cosmetic surgery included a desire to look better after the pandemic and unhappiness with their appearance during video meetings. Many people also got rhinoplasties because they felt more confident with a mask and wanted to continue that confidence once the mask mandates lifted. 

Global Influences on Plastic Surgery Trends

Technology and social media have also globalized regional beauty trends, as people can now share and explore popular aesthetics from various regions. 

For example, the Brazilian government has determined beauty a human right and subsidized about 500,000 surgeries each year. The breast and buttocks augmentations popular in Brazil have now also become popular worldwide.

Likewise, rhinoplasties are incredibly popular in Iran and Lebanon. This has raised awareness for ethnic rhinoplasties, which have become increasingly popular in the United States. And overall, the entire globe has seen an increase in non-invasive cosmetic procedures. 

Top 7 Plastic Surgery Procedures of 2023: A Deep Dive into Trends and Influences

Moving into 2023, there’s still a high demand for plastic surgery in Burbank, CA, and a growing acceptance of cosmetic procedures for both men and women. 

Procedure 1: Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty (nose reshaping) has been one of the most popular cosmetic procedures for many years—and understandably so. The nose is the central facial feature, and even a slight flaw can affect the symmetry of the entire face.

With the rise of ethnic rhinoplasties and advanced techniques, plastic surgeons can produce more natural results for people from all backgrounds—which makes the procedure even more popular.

Functional rhinoplasties are also an incredibly popular way to address breathing issues and nasal deformities. A plastic surgeon can help restore a patient’s ability to breathe and sleep normally by surgically addressing the issue. And in some cases, people opt for both functional and aesthetic rhinoplasties to get the whole package. 

Procedure 2: Brazilian Butt Lift

With Kim Kardashian’s weight loss and subsequent buttocks reduction, there have been rumors that the reign of the Brazilian butt lift (BBL) is over. However, the data shows otherwise. 

Buttock augmentation procedures continue their popularity, with an increase of 37% between 2020 and 2021. The shift to a more proportional body figure has not diminished people’s desire to increase their buttocks. The one difference might be the extent of the augmentation compared to previous years, but the BBL is still a favored procedure. 

One reason for the BBL’s continued popularity is the fact that it augments the buttocks while also reducing fat from other areas of the body—hence the more technical term gluteal fat grafting. Patients first undergo a liposuction procedure, which takes fat from the abdomen, back, or flanks. The plastic surgeon then inserts that fat into the buttocks and hips to create the desired hourglass figure. 

Procedure 3: Eyelid Surgery—Blepharoplasty

Like the previous two operations, eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) has been one of the most popular cosmetic procedures for years—for both men and women. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, blepharoplasty is popular with patients of all ages, from 15-70+. However, the most popular demographic includes patients between 40 and 69.

The reason for this is likely because droopy eyelids are a natural part of the aging process. As people age, the skin naturally loses elasticity and collagen and begins to droop. This is often most noticeable around the eyes, especially if it affects the patient’s vision. A procedure like blepharoplasty can lift those droopy eyelids and even address puffiness. 

Procedure 4: Liposuction

According to The Aesthetic Society, the top surgical procedure for both men and women is liposuction (fat removal). This is nothing new, as liposuction has remained a favorite for years. What is new, though, is the approach to liposuction. 

Traditional liposuction involves using a tube to suction out the fat with forceful movements. New laser technology allows surgeons to liquefy the fat so it’s easier to remove. The lasers also help promote collagen production for tighter post-op skin. 

Procedure 5: Hair Transplant

The vast majority of men—70%, to be exact—experience hair loss, and about a quarter of men see the first signs before 21. As such, hair transplants are a popular procedure for men of all ages as they combat hair loss. Most notably, celebrities like Wayne Rooney, Elton John, and Tom Hanks had hair transplant procedures. 

This procedure is for people experiencing early signs of balding. They must still have enough hair on their head to effectively move those hair follicles to the balding or thinning areas. With advanced techniques, surgeons can now create natural-looking results with a natural hairline. 

Procedure 6: Mini Facelift

plastic surgeryFacelifts have long been one of the most popular cosmetic procedures, but there’s a new rising contender: the mini facelift

Traditional facelifts are generally invasive procedures that require general anesthesia and a significant recovery time. Many patients don’t want such a complex surgical procedure, especially if they’re dealing with early signs of aging.

A mini facelift offers a less invasive alternative. Instead of creating multiple deep incisions, it keeps the cuts minimal. This, in turn, means there’s no need for general anesthesia, and patients typically recover much quicker.

Of course, a mini facelift doesn’t give as dramatic results as a traditional facelift. But that’s part of its appeal for middle-aged and older adults experiencing less severe signs of aging. They don’t need extensive surgery, so a mini facelift is a simpler option that still offers long-lasting results.

Procedure 7: Height Lengthening

Height-lengthening is an up-and-coming procedure that lengthens the limbs. While it was traditionally used to address limb deformities, many people—particularly men—are now choosing a height-lengthening procedure to help them overcome height discrimination.

Societal expectations often connect height with authority for men, which means that shorter men may struggle in their workplace. Likewise, heterosexual women typically expect men to be of an above-average height, which places unrealistic expectations on men.

One solution is height-lengthening surgery, but patients should understand that it’s not a quick fix. Surgeons place metal rods into the legs and then extends those rods with a remote control by about a millimeter a day. The entire process takes months but can offer impressive results. 

The Role of Non-Invasive Procedures

Even though cosmetic surgeries remain popular, there’s also been a global rise in non-surgical options. People want to achieve their aesthetic goals without the complications, cost, and recovery that come with cosmetic surgeries. That’s why treatments like liquid facelifts, Botox, and dermal fillers have become so popular.

Here’s a quick overview of the most popular dermal fillers:

  • Radiesse: Radiesse contains Calcium Hydroxylapatite to help establish natural collagen production and add volume to all areas of the face. 
  • Belotero: This is a light solution meant to target wrinkles in the delicate tissue around the mouth and eyes.
  • Restylane: This solution helps rejuvenate the skin’s natural tone and texture while smoothing facial wrinkles. 
  • Restylane Lyft: Similar to Restylane, Restylane Lyft specifically addresses tissue volume loss to correct skin sagging. It can add volume in areas like the face and hands. 

Safety, Ethics, and Plastic Surgery

Any surgery comes with risks. The good news, though, is that most plastic surgery in Burbank, CA, is quite safe as long as patients choose experienced, board-certified plastic surgeons. Their extensive knowledge and expertise can help reduce the risk of complications like nerve damage and infection. Plus, with the rise of minimally and non-invasive procedures, patients have the option to choose alternative procedures while still getting their desired results. 


Beauty standards are continuously changing, but plastic surgery procedures are quick to adapt and offer patients the solutions they need to reach their aesthetic goals. 

If you’re considering plastic surgery in Burbank, CA, to boost your confidence and make you feel happier in your skin, you have plenty of options—both surgical and non-surgical. The bottom line, though, is to find an experienced plastic surgeon who makes you feel comfortable and develops a personalized approach to meet your needs.