How Much Does a Mini Facelift Cost in Los Angeles?

Move aside deep-plane facelifts. Mini facelifts are all the rage—and for good reason. They offer long-lasting, jaw-dropping results with a less invasive procedure and a lower price tag.

But just how much does a mini facelift in Los Angeles, CA, cost? Keep reading to find out.

What Is a Mini Facelift?

A mini facelift in Los Angeles, CA, is a minimally invasive alternative to traditional facelift procedures.

Full facelifts typically involve deep incisions and extensive tissue manipulation, resulting in a longer recovery time and added scarring. This more invasive approach is usually required for more severe signs of aging across the entire face.

Mini facelifts, on the other hand, only address the early signs of aging along the cheeks and jowls. This means the surgeon creates fewer incisions and causes less tissue trauma. The result is minimal scarring and quick recovery times—while still providing impressive, long-lasting outcomes.

Why Los Angeles?

Los Angeles is a hub for quality plastic surgeons. In fact, the state of California has the highest number of certified plastic surgeons in the country.

Recent data shows there are over 750 surgeons in the state, almost double the number in Florida, the second most popular state for plastic surgeons. Not only are there a lot of plastic surgeons, but all of these 750+ professionals are board-certified members of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Because of the popularity of plastic surgery in Los Angeles—and across the state in general—the area also has numerous state-of-the-art facilities and recovery centers. The combination of expert surgeons and quality facilities makes Los Angeles one of the most popular cosmetic surgery destinations.

Factors Affecting the Cost

Facelift costs vary greatly across practices, mostly because of the diverse approaches. With the increase in personalized approaches, no two facelifts are exactly the same. Plastic surgeons now work with patients to create the best solution for their facial anatomy and aesthetic desires, which may involve a complex or combination procedure. Of course, the more complicated the surgery, the higher the cost—especially if the patient wants to add on something like eyelid surgery or a neck lift.

That said, mini facelifts are usually on the lower end of the cost spectrum. They are much less involved than SMAS and deep-plane facelifts, resulting in a much lower price tag.

Average Cost of a Mini Facelift in Los Angeles

Mini faceliftBesides procedure type, location is the next most important price factor. The average facelift cost for the entire country is $8,005, but some states have a much lower—or much higher—average price. California is on the higher end, perhaps due to the high number of qualified plastic surgeons in the state.

In Los Angeles, the average prices range from $8,245-$14,105. Keep in mind, though, that those are prices for all facelift procedures. Since mini facelifts in Los Angeles, CA, are minimally invasive surgeries, the average prices are much lower. Patients can expect to pay closer to $3,500 than $9,000 for this procedure.

Additional Costs to Consider

These average costs only include the price of the actual surgery. Patients should expect to pay a few thousand dollars more to cover additional things like surgeon’s fees, medical tests, anesthesia, prescriptions, and post-surgery garments.

The good news is that these added fees are usually much lower for mini facelifts than for traditional facelifts. For example, some plastic surgeons perform mini facelifts right in their office, eliminating any extra hospital or facility fees. The operation also doesn’t require general anesthesia but often local anesthetics, thus further lowering the price.

Consultation Costs

A final cost consideration is the consult—or consults, if you need more than one. Some practices might offer a free initial consultation or charge separately for each one. If patients schedule multiple consults at different practices (which can definitely help them choose the best surgeon), they should expect a higher bill. And even once they select a practice, patients might need additional consults before the actual surgery, which increases the overall cost.

Insurance and Financing Options

Unfortunately, insurance companies typically don’t cover cosmetic procedures. They determine coverage based on medical necessity, meaning that unless a procedure helps treat or diagnose a medical condition, it’s not covered.

Insurance companies might cover facial reconstruction surgeries, but a mini facelift doesn’t usually qualify as a reconstruction. It’s designed to address signs of aging, which isn’t a medical necessity.

That said, patients still have financing options. Many cosmetic practices offer payment plans for their procedures, so patients should ask about that as early as possible. Other options include a medical line of credit, personal loan, or help from family and friends.

Is Cheaper Always Better?

The short answer is no. In fact, in the world of plastic surgery, patients should steer clear of the cheapest options since there’s usually a reason why it’s so cheap. Perhaps the surgeon is not board-certified, or maybe they have limited experience with newer techniques. Either way, opting for the cheapest price can leave you with subpar results, additional procedures, and even lead to dangerous complications.

That said, patients don’t need to go to the most expensive practice in Los Angeles to find quality surgeons. Many offer affordable rates while also providing high-quality services. The trick to finding these practices is to focus more on surgeon experience, credentials, and reviews instead of the price tag.

Tips for Budgeting

Patients who are interested in a mini facelift in Los Angeles, CA, should start budgeting well in advance. While there are financing options (like a loan, payment plans, and medical credit lines), these often include interest rates.

If people want to avoid any added interest, they can start saving well in advance. Even before getting an initial consultation, they can set a savings goal based on the average costs and set aside a portion of their salary each month. As an example, the national average is $8,000. If a patient saves $500 each month, they can reach their target in less than a year and a half. If they can set aside $1,000, they can be ready for their procedure in just eight months.


If you’re thinking about getting a mini facelift in Los Angeles, CA, you’re in the right place. Just remember that there’s no set price for this procedure since it is patient and surgeon dependent. The best way to understand the expected price is to schedule a consultation with an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon.

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