The Senior’s Guide to Facelifts: Common Questions Answered

A facelift—or rhytidectomy—is a surgical procedure that “lifts” the sagging skin and muscles of the face to restore a younger appearance. Surgeons typically make incisions at the hairline on the temples and pull the skin tighter. They can also remove any extra skin, reposition the tissue under the skin, and even include a neck lift.


According to the American Cosmetic Association, the number of seniors opting for cosmetic procedures has risen. Now, patients 65 and older receive 7% of all surgical and non-surgical procedures.

And this trend is nothing new.

For the past few decades, cosmetic procedures for seniors have become increasingly popular. The AARP reported a 28% increase in people over 55 getting cosmetic procedures between 2010 and 2017.

One of these increasingly popular procedures is a facelift. While people have traditionally received a facelift in their 30s and 40s, the safer procedures, more natural results, and reduced stigma have made this procedure an attractive option for seniors.

If you long to restore your youthful looks, just know you’re not alone. And a facelift in Burbank, CA, is just one of the many options available. Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about getting a facelift in your golden years.

How Old Is Too Old for a Facelift?

It’s important to understand that there’s no age limit to get a facelift. However, that doesn’t mean that everyone should undergo the procedure.

A facelift is a surgical procedure, meaning you can expect 1-2 weeks of recovery. To ensure the entire process goes smoothly, you need to be in good physical and mental health.

In other words, it’s not about your age—it’s about your overall well-being and ensuring you have realistic expectations.

What Are Some Reasons Why Seniors Get Facelifts?

We already mentioned that facelifts have become safer and more effective over the years. And that undoubtedly plays a role in the growing trend of seniors getting facelifts as they trust the process more. However, many other factors affect a senior’s decision to get a facelift.

Achieve a More Youthful Appearance

Perhaps the most prominent reason seniors get facelifts in Burbank, CA, is their desire to look younger. It can be hard to look at yourself in the mirror and not recognize the person there—or not associate that face with how energetic and youthful you feel.

Instead of longing to return to their “glory days” and youthful looks, seniors can actually achieve that with a facelift. It can shave years off your appearance and give you a confidence boost. If you’ve ever struggled in social or professional situations because of your appearance, a facelift can help increase your self-esteem and self-confidence.

Avoid Social Stigmas Around Aging

Speaking of social situations, seniors also opt for facelifts because of social pressures and the stigmas of aging (also called ageism). From social media to television and ads, there’s a general message that aging is “bad” and “uncool.”

While this is far from the truth, people often unconsciously judge others based on their older appearance. And dealing with that on a daily basis can be stressful, to say the least, especially when it occurs in a professional environment.

Address Ageism in the Workplace

Unfortunately, ageism has seeped into the professional world and affected the careers of many seniors. An AARP survey found that almost 66% of people 45 or older have experienced ageism at work. Such discrimination can take the form of negative comments and interactions, undue layoffs and demotions, or overlooking seniors for certain positions and promotions.

Of course, much of this ageism occurs based on appearances. Employers might assume that people aren’t fit for specific jobs if they look older. So seniors who still want to work and do what they love might choose a facelift to help them remain competitive in the job market.

What Are the Benefits of Facelifts for Seniors?

facelifts in Burbank, CAOne of the most obvious advantages of a facelift is the improved physical appearance. And the change is usually quite significant. If you choose an experienced plastic surgeon like Dr. Hershcovitch, those dramatic results can last 10-12 years. That means no regular visits and treatments like with Botox. With one procedure, you can enjoy a (much) younger appearance for an entire decade.

And with a more youthful appearance, you can boost your mental and emotional well-being. When you feel good about yourself and the way you look, that gives you greater confidence to live life to the fullest.

When you have greater self-confidence, others will notice. That might occur in your job or your social circle. But either way, your self-confidence can positively affect your relationships with those around you.

When you feel good in your own skin, it ultimately enhances your quality of life.

What Are the Risks and Considerations for Seniors Getting Facelifts?

No procedure is without risk. Before choosing an elective cosmetic surgery like a facelift in Burbank, CA, ensure you understand the potential complications.

Age isn’t a dealbreaker for getting a facelift. However, you should know that seniors generally need more time to heal after surgery. You might need to plan for a full two weeks of recovery rather than just one and attend all follow-up appointments just to ensure your body is adjusting appropriately.

Plus, any surgical procedure involving anesthesia increases risks for patients 65 or older. Seniors are more susceptible to things like postoperative delirium and even memory loss after an operation, especially if they have pre-existing conditions like heart disease or Alzheimer’s.

In general, your medical history significantly impacts the risk factors for getting a facelift as a senior. The more conditions and diseases you have, the higher the risk of complications—which is true for any procedure.

The best way to navigate these risks is to talk with an experienced and qualified surgeon like Dr. Hershcovitch. He can assess your medical history and current health status to ensure you’re an ideal facelift candidate and answer all your questions.

What Types of Facelifts Are for Seniors?

As a senior, you have several facelift options, especially when choosing a highly trained plastic surgeon like Dr. Hershcovitch. Here are just a few of the facelifts in Burbank, CA, Dr. Hershcovitch offers seniors.

  • Traditional Facelift: The traditional facelift includes incisions from the temple down to the neck. It pulls the skin back and repositions it to remove signs of sagging and aging skin along the jawline.
  • Mini Facelift: The mini facelift is like the traditional approach but less invasive. A surgeon can usually perform this facelift without general anesthesia. Since it’s less involved, this option is ideal for seniors experiencing early signs of aging, like excess skin and minor sagging.  
  • SMAS Technique: SMAS stands for the superficial muscular aponeurotic system, a deep tissue layer supporting your facial structure. The SMAS facelift technique targets that particular tissue layer around the checks and jowls to provide a younger, fuller look. This facelift option is ideal for patients over 50 experiencing sagging skin in those areas but still have skin elasticity.
  • Deep Plane Technique: This technique is ideal for seniors with advanced signs of aging along the neck and check. As the name implies, it lifts the deeper connective tissues and muscles in those areas to provide a long-lasting and more youthful appearance.

Are There Alternatives to Facelifts for Seniors?

If you want all the benefits of a facelift but don’t want to undergo surgery, that’s completely understandable. The good news is that you have other options.

You can opt for a non-surgical treatment option like a liquid facelift, which involves injectable dermal fillers that help lift any sagging skin. Other non-surgical procedure options include Botox and fillers.

Of course, there’s always the option of avoiding cosmetic procedures altogether. You can help combat signs of aging by making lifestyle changes like adopting a healthier diet or regularly exercising. Or you can embrace the beauty of the natural aging process and learn to love the skin you have.


As cosmetic procedures become more popular for seniors, it’s important to remember that you are never too old to get a facelift. If you are in good health, you can qualify for a facelift and all its lasting benefits.

Just remember to weigh not only the benefits but also the potential risks. Any surgical procedure has potential drawbacks, so it’s best to discuss those with a qualified plastic surgeon.