Which Type of Facelift is Right for You?

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Facelifts remain one of the most effective and popular anti-aging procedures. However, not all facelifts are created equal. Some are entirely ineffective, while others give the face an unnatural appearance or result in skin that is overly tight. Over the last several years, a lot of research has gone into different facelift techniques and technologies. This gives you the choice of different facelift options, depending on your situation. But how do you know which one is the best for your situation? Keep reading to learn about the different kinds of facelifts and get an idea about which one is right for you.

Is A Facelift Right For Me?

People age at different rates, so there is no set time when a facelift is “right.” The best candidates for treatment are those with moderate to advanced signs of aging, like marionette lines, gaunt cheeks, and jowls. When it comes to a facelift, your health is more important than age. You should be mentally and physically ready for any facelift procedure you choose.

The Mini-Facelift

One of the more common types of facelifts is the mini-facelift. This is used to treat aging in the lower parts of the face, with a focus on small skin sagging, early jowls, and some excess skin. Mini-facelifts are a popular rejuvenation procedure for those who are not interested in a major surgical process. They are often done as an in-office procedure without the use of a general anesthetic.

The Deep Plane Facelift

 Deep plane facelifts are designed to treat severe aging on the cheek and neck by lifting skin and muscle tissue. Deep plane facelifts are popular for those want a natural look that is long-lasting.

The Liquid Facelift

 The liquid facelift combines high-tech dermal fillers with traditional facelift rejuvenation techniques. Injectable dermal fillers, usually made of hyaluronic acid, are used to smooth out creases and folds, or fill out hollowed areas. The liquid facelift is a good option for those who are not interested in facelift surgery but still want to lift sagging skin. Hyaluronic acid fillers are also easily reversible if you change your mind.

The SMAS Facelift

 The SMAS facelift primarily focuses on the lower two-thirds of the face, with an emphasis on the jowls, cheeks, and areas of sagging skin. This technique manipulates a layer of tissue and muscle under the skin (SMAS) to give more fullness and lift to the face. Good candidates for a SMAS facelift are over 50 who still have some skin elasticity.

Temporal Facelift/Browlift

Temporal facelifts are designed to target the area around the eyebrows. This is a great choice if you have drooping or lowered brows and do not want to go through the process of a full browlift. A full browlift has a surgeon making small incisions to the face in order to lift the skin around the eyebrows. This process requires a longer recovery period than a temporal facelift.

Traditional Facelift

A traditional facelift is one of the most common rejuvenation procedures. Incisions are made in order to tighten the muscles of the face and neck, while excess fat around the neck and jowls is removed as necessary. Skin is re-draped naturally to give a long-lasting and natural looking result. Most patients are able to return to work within 10 days after a traditional facelift and can resume light exercise in about two weeks.

Recovering From A Facelift

Each facelift surgery is personalized to the patient, so the recovery procedure will depend on how much tissue was affected. Some facelift patients will experience some tightness, numbness, and bruising after treatment, but the vast majority of side-effects should dissipate relatively quickly. For more invasive facelifts, you might be given headwraps and ice packs to relieve discomfort. Scars will depend on the type of facelift procedure, but most surgeons will work to try and hide them around your natural contour lines.

Your Consultation With Dr. Matt Hershcovitch, Facial Plastic Surgery

A good plastic surgeon will be able to personalize each facelift procedure to a patient’s needs. At the office of Dr. Matt Hershcovitch, Facial Plastic Surgery, we understand how to use different facelift techniques to create the most dramatic and effective changes. Schedule a consultation with our team today if you are interested in a facelift. We look forward to working with you!

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